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Anson Construction is the building brand for Anson Group, with focuses on construction and engineering management. Anson Construction had been relocated to Singapore alongside with its parent company Anson Development Pte.Ltd. in 2016, where they started global operations. 

Anson Construction currently has subsidiaries in South East Asia, New Zealand and MENA region. There is a team around 300 staff in South East Asia in Singapore, Malaysia, and Vietnam with major services in MEP main contractor, factory plants & equipment installation. While in MENA region, Anson Construction works closely with local top contractors and developers for mega projects delivery. In New Zealand, Anson Construction NZ Limited is widely recognized as one of the best branded main contractor in residential houses construction and engineering management. Anson Construction NZ Limited also contracts commercial projects such as hotels, apartments, office towers, schools…as subcontractor for wall framing and interior work. 

Anson Construction gains rich experience in construction and engineering management with its over 20 years’ projects delivery practice across various countries or regions. Majority of the management staffs have more than 10 years working experience in different countries, successfully managing types of projects. 


Our Core Value: 
Customer Oriented, Value Creation 

Our Core Competences :
Professionalism, Internationalization 
Quality Assurance, Premium Services

Our Corporate Spirit:
Simplicity, High Efficiency, Integrity, Innovation